(Workshop G) Building teacher and student resilience in the post-COVID age

Who: Gene Hodgins

Theme: Tools to make your life easier

When: Friday, September 3rd 2021 (Workshop 1 @ 9-10am | Workshop 2 @ 10-11am)

What: Looking after our own emotional well-being is important for our health, as well as being central in maintaining our teaching effectiveness with our students. With seemingly ubiquitous pressures at the moment (the effects of COVID, organisational change, personal or family pressures, and just life in general), taking care of ourselves is central to surviving as an academic. But more and more as teachers we are also being asked to deal with the emotions and distress of our students. How can we do this in a way that cares for our students, without being trained therapists, while maintaining our boundaries as a teaching academic?

This workshop will focus on current impacts on the emotional health of teachers and students, and introduce practical strategies for enhancing our own well-being, as well as appropriately supporting our students through trying times. As well as discussing practical coping mechanisms to add to our toolkit to look after ourselves and support others, the workshop will also look at the importance of meaning and purpose in enhancing our fulfillment from our teaching careers.

Zoom URL: Workshop 1 (9am) – click here Workshop 2 (10am) – click here

Facilitator: Stacey Jenkins


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