(Workshop E) How to teach students how to research

Who: Manoranjan Paul

Theme: SOTL – why, what, when & how

When: Friday, September 3rd 2021 (Workshop 1 @ 9-10am | Workshop 2 @ 10-11am)

What: In some of our subjects, students need to learn how to do research. These can be part of project subjects (like ITC571) or part of research degrees (honours, PhD or professional doctorates). As a supervisor, how can we guide students in the processing of learning how to research? What are key teaching strategies when doing supervision? In this workshop, some accomplished research supervisors will share their wisdom and lead discussion to answer these questions. The future of universities requires a connection between our research and our teaching; research supervision is the nursery.

Extra info from the library about research supervision that can help you after the workshop:

Whether they are a Masters, PhD or Professional Doctorate student, the Library is an integral part of your student’s research journey. To ensure they get off to a flying start, it is critical that HDR students undertake a library induction at the early stages of their research project. This will help them understand key library services and resources to utilise at every stage of their research cycle. This includes understanding specialist databases such as SAGE research methods online, how to plan and conduct a literature review, how to access resources from other libraries, build an EndNote Library and manage their research data. The Library also provides a dedicated website For Researchers, runs a series of online workshops through the Office of Research Services and Graduate Studies and has a team of librarians who are able to provide personalised assistance. To get in contact with us, see our webpage or email us at library-bjbs@csu.edu.au.

Zoom URL: Workshop 1 (9am) – click here Workshop 2 (10am) – click here

Facilitator: Pallavi Sharma

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