(Workshop D) Disseminating scholarly activity via non-traditional avenues

Who: Deb Clarke

Theme: SOTL – why, what, when & how

When: Friday, September 3rd 2021 (Workshop 1 @ 9-10am | Workshop 2 @ 10-11am)

What: In this online workshop participants will be guided through the initial process of writing to disseminate their scholarly activity. Templates will be used to scaffold participants’ organisation of writing and selection of content.

This is an interactive and action-focused workshop so be prepared to engage.

Workshop Outcomes:

  • By the end of the workshop participants will:
  • Differentiate between the terms scholarly activity and scholarship of teaching and learning;
  • Draft a narrative for a learning and teaching podcast; or
  • Draft an article for a learning and teaching professional publication.

What to bring:

  • Your ideas re a challenge from your teaching experience, and
  • how you addressed this challenge

Zoom URL: Workshop 1 (9am) – click here Workshop 2 (10am) – click here

Facilitator: Liz Dunlop


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