(Workshop C) Workplace learning; when it really counts!

Who: Robyn Evans, Brad Cox, Craig Veness & Leighton Burns

Theme: Assessment innovation

When: Friday, September 3rd 2021 (Workshop 1 @ 9-10am | Workshop 2 @ 10-11am)

What: Workplace learning for police can be critical. Often the circumstances of an incident do not allow for close supervision of all aspects of a probationary constable’s duties and so they must rely on the training and knowledge gained at the Academy and during their first year of service. Year 2 of the ADPP is designed to enhance a student’s knowledge in that vital first year of service. What should they be trained in? How should that training be assessed? What would you do?

The skills, strategies, resources covered in this workshop are applicable for workplace learning in other disciplines.

Zoom URL: Workshop 1 (9am) – click here Workshop 2 (10am) – click here

Facilitator: Warwick Baines

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